Happy National Coffee Day! 

I'll take mine strong and  black!   Enjoy! 


Productive couple of days!

I hate to say it but I love it when I'm home alone....sometimes. Don't get me wrong I dearly love my husband and daughter! But there is something to be said for being alone to do whatever you want. The past two days I have been busy cleaning, doing some DIY projects, working out and of … Continue reading Productive couple of days!

Happy Friday Eve!!!

I'm excited to be off work tomorrow and have so many projects I want to get done...one of which is to get the house 'fallified'  This is about as far as I have gotten... I've set out my painted pumpkins and some dried sunflowers on my new/old wash stand. Isn't my washstand cute? You can't … Continue reading Happy Friday Eve!!!

Painting pumpkins…

Last year after  Halloween I bought these pumpkins for 75% off So after remembering I had them, I decided to paint them to something a little more stylish than orange...In other words I had green and off white spray paint leftover from other projects...ha The first thing I did was to tape off the stems, then … Continue reading Painting pumpkins…