Holiday traditions…Thanksgiving

This evening I have been getting a few things ready for Thanksgiving. Since I have to work  all day, the day before Thanksgiving, the more I can get done beforehand the better!  We actually have two celebrations, one on the day for my husbands family which we are hosting. The other is on Sunday with my family. Each celebration has their own traditions in regards to the menu. The menu for my husbands family is traditional. I have in dish they request every year which is, Glorified Cabbage. It’s like a cheesy scalloped cabbage casserole. I was given the recipe years ago by a friends mother (thank you Sharon!) Here it is, I promise I’ll post a pic after I make it Thursday!

My family’s relatively new tradition is to have a vegetarian, gluten, soy, corn, peanut free, low cholesterol menu. This will be the second year for this due to dietary restrictions of a few family members. What we have at this celebration is veggies and dip, soups, salads and desserts. I know it sounds like it would be difficult to fulfill these parameters but it’s easier than you think! I make black bean sweet potato chili (Recipe courtesy of and apple crisp.


Here is the spread from last Thanksgiving…no one went home hungry!

One thing I always make at the holiday time is banana salad, it was my grandmothers recipe. Although, I have written it down on my own recipe card I still pull out my grandmothers recipe card. It’s in her handwriting and has many stains on it but I feel like when I use it she is right there in the kitchen with me.😍 It’s  not really a salad but more of a caramel pudding with bananas and peanuts. So if your a peanut butter and banana lover you should try it!   

I especially love how it says ‘butter the size of an egg’ I figure thats about 1/2 a stick?.?
Everyone enjoy your traditions new or old and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

Notre Dame…

Last weekend we took a little trip to see our friends in South Bend. Our daughter and her boyfriend tagged along because they had tickets to the Notre Dame football game. 🍀🏉


So we all went out to take in the pre-game festivities. The weather couldn’t have been better to walk around the beautiful campus.  Of course we had to pose for pics in front of the golden dome!


We took in some sites Mike and I had never been to before, such as the Basilica and the Grotto.


There are probably about 100,000 people on campus before the football games, so I still can’t believe we ran into my friend/co-worker Lindsay…what are the chances??


There is so much tradition that is part of the Notre Dame Football experience. One of the traditions is the Irish Guard. They lead the Band of the Fighting Irish thru campus and onto the football field before the game.   


And of course you can’t forget the leprechaun!🍀
Although this was a quick trip, any time we get to spend with our dear friends is special! We always leave anxious for the next chance we get to see each other! 😍

Blanket Scarf…

So blanket scarves are all over this fall and I have bought two of them.

image image image

Mine aren’t the big square ones but they are about twice as wide as a normal scarf. Because of the width they were just too much and I felt like I was choking when I was wearing them.


So, with encouragement from fellow instagrammer @emptyneststyle, I decided cut mine in half…😳  Luckily the plaid had a stripe right down the middle so it was easy to cut straight down the center of the scarf.


After I had the scarf cut in half


I did a quick run through the sewing machine to keep it from fraying on the cut edge.


Now I have one for myself and one to give my daughter!

Don't you just love my bed 'ornament' 😉
Don’t you just love my bed ‘ornament’ 😉

Fall getaway….

I took a few days off last week to get some things done but we took a couple days for a quick trip to Nashville. I had only been there once for just a few hours when I took my daughter on a college visit to Vanderbilt and Mike had never been there.  


So we took off early Friday with no real plan in mind.  That is really not like me, I usually have a plan and know what we are going to do and when. We decided to take a look at the Jim Beam distillery on our way since it was less than two miles from the interstate and we both needed a pit stop. 😮  

Jim Beam was more than happy to pose for a picture with us😉

We didnt do the full tour but did get a couple free tatses!

So once I did a little Christmas shopping in the gift shop we were on our way to Music City!

Again we had no real plan in mind. We aren’t real museum people so we didn’t pay for the tours at the Ryman or the Country Music Hall of Fame (maybe next time). So we went to Broadway to scope it out and had lunch at Jacks Bar-B-Que.  I highly recommend the Brisket…Yum Yum!

 After lunch we went to The Stage and set out on the balcony and listened the band. It was a gorgeous fall day and perfect for listening to good music and taking in the sights.  

We then went to check into our hotel and change to get ready for round two!  Our hotel as only a few blocks from the heart of the ‘strip’ so we walked back downtown.   


I thought for sure we would run into Eric Church, Blake Shelton or Jason Aldean while we were there….no such luck😏

It seems like a lot of the bars have multiple rooms and balconies all with a band playing.   

We went to several places that evening. We would walk down the sidewalk and if we heard something we liked we would go in and have a drink and listen for a while then move on. We ended up going to the Stage, Tootsies, Tin Roof, Tequila Cowboy and Full Moon Saloon. We had a great time and look forward to going back! 🎸🎤🎻.