Holiday Traditions…Christmas

Every year for the last six or seven ( we can’t remember exactly when we started😳) my cousin, sister-in-law and myself have gotten together to make candy for Christmas gifts. The last three years my daughter has joined us also! 

 We have been doing it long enough now that we kind of have it down to a science! Although over the years some of the candy we make has changed out of necessity due to dietary restrictions we still manage to make A LOT! My Sister-in-law is in charge of the candied nuts, she has done it enough that she can tell by the way they look if they are done or not! I make the carmels and help mix up whatever truffle(s) we are making.  My cousin does a lot of the ‘balling’ of the truffle filling. My daughter helps out with whatever is needed. Then once everything has been balled up and chilled we all begin the chocolate dipping. It’s not really that easy to make them pretty but after a few we usually get in a groove and do a pretty good job if I do say so myself! This year we made 200 bourbon balls, 60 peppermint patties, 100 salted caramels, 3 pounds of dark chocolate bark and 10 pounds of candied nuts. It takes all day and we only stop when the balls are chilling to have lunch. Then after its all done we celebrate with a glass of wine before we start counting up everything and dividing them up between us so we can box them up for gifts.


 My co- workers love when I have candy day because they always know I will be bringing in all the rejects. Those are the ones that didn’t turn out so pretty but taste just as good😉

It’s hard work but we enjoy the time together. We don’t get together as often as we’d like but are glad we continue to do this each year. It may change over time to something a little healthier but it’s more about the tradition of spending a day together and having fun! 

DIY Christmas gifts…

This is my article that was featured on!

I usually try to make a few Christmas gifts for my close female friends and family. This year I decided to try my hand at making tassel necklaces. I’ve been seeing tassels on everything and all over the fashion blogs. I have been making jewelry for several years. I think with some basic beading/jewelry making skills you can make your own! I will walk you through the steps I do to make these necklaces!
I used either embroidery floss or leather cord (my pictures show the process with the embroidery floss but the process is essentially the same)


Remove label and open the floss but keep it in a big loop. 


I wrapped my floss around my hand three times. 


Then gather one end and begin wrapping with wire (I used 26 gauge) about ½ to ¾ of an inch from the top. Wrap it neatly around 6-8 times. You can also use metallic thread or twine to wrap your tassel.


With wire you’ll want to twist it to keep the wire stable then trim and tuck ends, if using thread or twine you’ll want to tie a knot, trim the ends and secure them with a bit of glue.

 Feed about 12” of wire through the loop at the top of the tassel and fold in half and twist 


Once you’ve twisted the base of the wire now you can be creative with your beads!


At the end of your beads you will want to use a crimp bead then feed the wire through a ring and back through your crimp bead and crimp it to secure then clip the excess wire.


Now cut the bottom end of the floss ‘loop’ 
Feed a long chain through your ring and admire your handiwork! I’m sure your friends will love their trendy gift specially since it was designed by you just for them!


Christmas decorating in installments…

I have been trying to decorate  for Christmas all week…😳 Working full time has really been getting in the way ha! But I have accomplished to get my mantle… 

My entry way…


And my little black washstand finished… 

The tree is up and the lights are on but that’s as far as I have gotten…had good intentions of decorating it tonight but I spent too much time at Marshalls and Big Lots and was out of the mood by the time I got home and had supper… So I’ll have to get back to it tomorrow! I really want to get it finished this weekend because Monday is our annual Candy Day! It’s the day my cousin, sister-in-law, daughter and myself get together and make candy for Christmas gifts! It’s quite a production! My co-workers love it, they get all the rejects..ha! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening and happy decorating!