So I am an Instagram junkie and follow some awesome people a lot of them are my close personal friends and family

The rest are new Instagram friends who I have found along the way. Most of the IG friends are nesters like me people who love to decorate their homes, cook and craft. I have been inspired by so many of them to freshen up my home. I have many projects on my list, a couple have been checked off, like painting my master bedroom and bath,

Heres the before and after, not a drastic change but just a little brightening up!

but there are many more. One of which is having a couch and love seat recovered in a neutral fabric. I originally thought of doing it myself. But didn’t really feel I had the time to dedicate to it and was afraid it would drag on too long. So since the furniture has been at the upohlsterer I feel like the house is in total limbo. It’s like I can’t get anything finished with the furniture not here. And to top it all off we are leaving this weekend to go Key West.  So the last week has been dedicated to me thinking about, buying and trying on what I want to take. 

I’m hoping that when we get back next week I can get to work on another project or two! I want to paint my living room and entry way! I have lived with this green paint for long enough! Especially since it didn’t really turn out to be the color I wanted…


Also I’ve started a new gallery wall and still need to add a few things to it, but haven’t found the perfect pieces yet…

Definitely a work in progress!

So, hopefully after we get back from Key West my furniture will be done and I can get my house back together and get rid of this feeling of limbo!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know mine will one to remember!!

Apartment Therapy…

  I feel like I have neglected my blog the last few weeks, but for good reason! My daughter has been moving into a new apartment and I have been helping her with unpacking and decorating. It’s fun to work with a blank slate again!  

It’s been 23 years since we moved into our house so needless to say it’s anything but blank! Ha!

My daughter is an RN and works 12 hour shifts on nights. Of course as soon as she moved she was scheduled to work the next few nights, so she had to live with the boxes until she had a day off last weekend. I went down on Sunday to help with the remaining unpacking, furniture arranging and the best part, decorating!

This is what the apartment looked like when I got there…

I could tell when I got there she didn’t know where to start, since there was so much to do. The first thing we concentrated on was to move all the boxes that had stuff for rooms other than the living room into the appropriate space. That gave us some room to work around! She at first thought she wanted her couch up against the long wall. (The couch is from Ashley Home Furnishings and has a chaise that can be used at either end)

I suggested to angle it corresponding to the angle of the fireplace and the TV. But she didn’t really like it on an angle regardless of which side the chaise was on. My next suggestion was to put it perpendicular to the wall with the chaise against the wall. This would define the living room area separate from the entry and dining area. So we moved it perpendicular and flipped the chaise to the other end and arranged the other furniture. She still didn’t like this arrangement… Once again we moved it back against the wall, flipped the chaise and arranged the other furniture pieces. After this she decided she preferred the perpendicular arrangement…So, one more time we moved the sofa perpendicular to the wall and flipped the chaise and arranged the other furniture…Needless to say we both got our workout ha!

After she was happy with the layout, we mounted the TV and hung the wall decorations. Here’s a few more pics of the living room:

She’s like her Mom and loves pillows! She found a few of her covers at Hobby Lobby on sale and the gray and white stripe and floral along with the heart pillow I made for her. I’m sure if you read my blog you recognize the black chair I recovered for her for Christmas! The little side table is a fruit crate I got at a garage sale this summer for $4! I also made the curtain for the living room window and slipcovered an ottoman my husband and I made years ago, I think this is the forth time it’s been recovered! 

After the living room was finished we moved on to the bedroom. Most of that was already finished out of necessity, but the blackout curtains needed to be hung and a few finishing touches were left to do.


The last area we worked on was the bar/dining area. The dining area and kitchen are still works in progress so I don’t have any pics of them yet…


I can’t take any credit for helping with the bathroom, she’s done that all on her own!

I think it has turned out really well! She wishes the walls weren’t so beige, but that comes with the territory. She’ll have her chance one day to have her walls any color she wants! It’s been really fun helping her decorate and I’m complimented that she values my opinion  and design style along with trusting me to make pillows, curtains, artwork and recover furniture for her! Like I said there are still a few things in process, but I think she is happy how it’s turning out and feels settled in her new apartment!