About me…

Hi, my name is Karen and on the urging of my co-workers I am starting this blog.  I seem to be the go to person for questions on just about everything in life.  Maybe this is because I am one of the more ‘experienced at life’ people on my team but I just like to think I’m just really smart….ha!

I live in rural central Indiana with my husband/friend of 30 years


and our rescued 5 year old chocolate lab, Krimley (the name is made up….long story)


We have one daughter who just graduated from IU school of nursing and passed her NCLEX, needless to say we are over the moon proud of her!


We are DIY people, my husband is an electrician by trade and there is not much he can’t do.  I love to get my hands dirty to0 whether its, refurbishing/building furniture, gardening, cooking, decorating or doing a mud run with my daughter and cousins.


My daughter and myself ran our first (and maybe last 😳) half marathon this spring.  I’m glad we did it, but I can say the prep work was a bear! But the Indy Mini is a great race to do!


I am a physical therapist assistant and have been for the last 10 years. I went back to school after the manufacturing plants that I worked at as the IT customer service manger relocated to Detroit. I love helping people attain their goals and return to their normal. The girls I work with are the best we aren’t just co-workers we are friends and spend time together outside of work, going out to diner, concerts and shopping!


They are a bunch of crazies and I love them!



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