Easy Seasonal Shelf Styling…

While I was changing out my decor for Christmas I thought I would show how I easily change out the decor on my shelf for the seasons!

I start with a few anchor pieces such as my vintage drawers, some architectural salvage spindles, old books, silver candlesticks and a ironstone sugar bowl.

The base pieces

My vintage drawers are one of my favorite pieces on here it makes it so easy to just switch out the stems in the for the seasons. It’s like an instant update when you do!

First I gather all the things I want to add to my stripped down shelf. For Christmas I used fresh greenery, faux berries, pine cones, red candles and fairy lights!

First thing I do is add the greenery to my drawers. I did add some floral foam to help hold the branches in place.

Next I added in some berry picks and pine cones!

On the other end of the shelf I added a couple little Christmas trees I ordered from Joann.com

Then I changed out my white candles for red ones. My collection of vintage silver candlesticks all came from thrift stores, and none of them cost more than a couple dollars! I think when they are grouped together they make an nice statement!

Next I tucked in the rest of the greenery, pine cones and berries here and there!

Then I strung the fairy lights and turned them on! Don’t fairy lights just make things so cozy!!

Here are the seasonal versions of my mantle you can see the difference a few quick changes can make!


Here’s the cozy night time shot of the winter shelf! I hope you enjoyed following along on my process!


4 thoughts on “Easy Seasonal Shelf Styling…

  1. ❤️ Thanks Karen. I’m going to start looking for some basic elements and see if I can put something nice together. You sure have the knack. ❤️


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