Urban Barn Pop Up Sale…

This past weekend I finally got to go to a pop up sale at place called Urban Barn. She has a sale two or three times a year and until this past Saturday I’ve not been able to get there. I went with a couple girlfriends from work and we started our day with Bloody Mary’s!

The sale wasn’t very big but there were several booths set up outside the barn offering all sorts of rusty, chippy, shabulous goodies! 

I couldn’t even get passed the first gentleman’s booth without grabbing up several pieces including feed sacks, metal gears and a cool blue pulley! The next booth had a lot of shabby chic pieces but had the perfect piece for a spot on my gallery wall. An old rusty scale! I’d been looking for something just like this!!

Doesn’t it look great on my wall?? 😀

We finally made it into the barn and it was filled with vignettes and tons of great pieces!

I could have spent a fortune in there but I kept my senses, despite they were offering sangria…

I only bought this sign in the barn. It hasn’t found a home yet, but I’m sure it will very soon! 

Like I said it wasn’t a huge sale but it was a nice morning to have a little girls outing close to home! Plus we got to bring home a few treasures to work into our homes! 

Hidden Gem…

Last weekend we finally got to go to a new local winery. We had planned on going on Valenitnes Day but Mother Nature changed our plans with a winter storm that evening…ugh! Anyway we finally made a visit with our friends Clare and Earl, our daughter Molly and her boyfriend Chris last Saurday. It was fun to be able to take Clare and Earl to a winery because they are from northern Indiana and have quick access to a lot of the Michigan wineries.  

The winery is called The Belgian Horse Winery and is located outside Middletown, Indiana on a farm that has been in the same family for six generations.  

The building that the tasting room is in, is a nicely refinished barn with several tables to sit and enjoy a glass or bottle of wine and visit with friends. (We were there during the NCAA men’s basketball games and they are equipped with big screen TVs, Mike was happy about that!) 

They have a gift shop with a variety of offerings from hats and jewelry to wine related items and pottery.


The building also has an upstairs where they have entertainment on Wednesday evenings and on Sunday’s they have ‘wine and yoga’ classes! (What’s not to love about a yoga class that ends with a calming glass of wine!)

They have a nice selection of wines from sweet fruit wines to more dry Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc. The fruit wines are named after family members and each one’s label has a picture of its namesake. 

We all decided to do a tasting since it was our first time experiencing their wines. 

We did our tasting and then had a glass of our favorites. Chris, Mike and I chose the Cabernet Franc for our glass, Molly had the Concord, Clare chose the Pino Gris and Earl was the DD! 

As usual at any winery if you buy a case of wine you get a discount, so we decided to split a case! 

The atmosphere at Belgian Horse Winery is very laid back and friendly, just what you would expect in the country. The building is beautifully done with a rustic wine country feel. We will definitely be going back! It’s nice that it’s only about 5 miles from our house so we can run over whenever the mood strikes us. I look forward to going this summer and enjoying a glass of wine and some music outside under the stars!  

Make sure to check them out on Facebook or online at belgianhorsewinery.com and if your in the neighborhood stop by and enjoy!

What a great weekend!

Our lifelong friends, Clare and Earl, came for the weekend! It’s very seldom that when they visit do they get to spend two nights, but they did this time! It gave us time to do a lot of catching up, watch the Cubs/Cardinals games, Notre Dame football, do some crafts, have a beer tasting, go on a couple long walks, take tour of the property, and of course eat too much! 

I can’t believe they have never been out back on our property, so we loaded up in the mule and went on a ride around the woods.   

They brought a Leinenkugel fall variety pack so we decided to do a taste test. The opinions were as follows: Heart of Oak-smells like lake water but taste is smooth, Oktoberfest -smooth, slightly sweet, hint of caramel, Helles Yeah- Helles No! Hoppy and bitter,  Harvest Patch Shandy-pumpkin pie in a glass, gingery. 

 So since Oktoberfest was the favorite of the variety pack we decided to taste test the three different ones we had in our fridge. They all were similar but hands down the Sunking Oktoberfest was the winner! It has a nice caramel undertone, no hoppy bite and smooth finish!   

I taught Clare and my daughter, Molly how to make the burlap wreaths.

 And each morning Clare and I went on a 3 mile walk up and down our hilly road talking the whole time and enjoying the turning leaves and crisp autumn air.  

It was so good to see them and I can’t wait til we can get together again! One thing for sure is we will take up right where we left off, like we just saw each other yesterday!