Easy Keto Raspberry Scones…

Easy Keto friendly raspberry scones with chocolate sauce

Favorite new side dish! Grilled Romaine…

I may be late to the game but I have discovered Grilled Romaine this summer and just can't get enough of it! It's so easy, it's healthy and tastes great! Here's the recipe! Romaine heads (1 usually serves 2)Olive oilCajun spice mix ( I use 'Slap ya' Mama)Slice Romaine heads lengthwiseWash and pat dryBrush with … Continue reading Favorite new side dish! Grilled Romaine…

Don’t squeeze please!!!

The other day I was grocery shopping and was looking at the avocados. There was another shopper looking at them also. They were on sale, so the selection wasn't great. The other shopper proceeded to squeeze each avocado she picked up, to test if they were ripe...ugh! I believe an avocado is like a banana … Continue reading Don’t squeeze please!!!

Happy New Year tradition…cabbage rolls!

In keeping with the superstition of eating cabbage on New Years Day we make cabbage rolls. We usually double our recipe so we have extra to put in the freezer for later! Below is the recipe I've adapted from one I found on southernfood.about.com Cabbage Rolls 12-15 Cabbage Leaves Filling: 1 pound ground turkey or … Continue reading Happy New Year tradition…cabbage rolls!

Holiday Traditions…Christmas

Every year for the last six or seven ( we can't remember exactly when we started­čś│) my cousin, sister-in-law and myself have gotten together to make candy for Christmas gifts. The last three years my daughter has joined us also!   We have been doing it long enough now that we kind of have it down … Continue reading Holiday Traditions…Christmas

Holiday traditions…Thanksgiving

This evening I have been getting a few things ready for Thanksgiving. Since I have to work  all day, the day before Thanksgiving, the more I can get done beforehand the better!  We actually have two celebrations, one on the day for my husbands family which we are hosting. The other is on Sunday with … Continue reading Holiday traditions…Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Cupcakes…Gluten Free!

At work I am the designated cupcake maker for all the birthday celebrations. ┬áThis month we had two birthdays and today was the celebration. The two birthday girls agreed on pumpkin cupcakes! We have one co-worker that has to be gluten free, so gluten free pumpkin cupcakes with maple buttercream icing was the choice. Here's … Continue reading Pumpkin Cupcakes…Gluten Free!