Productive couple of days!

I hate to say it but I love it when I’m home alone….sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I dearly love my husband and daughter! But there is something to be said for being alone to do whatever you want. The past two days I have been busy cleaning, doing some DIY projects, working out and of course I fit in some shopping!

We bought a new mattress so that warranted cleaning out under the bed….yikes! It really wasn’t as bad as I thought. But it is really strange the things we hold onto.  I have an underbed storage box full of rugs. All of which don’t go with my decor any longer. So, needless to say I’m getting rid of them! But now the bedroom is super clean! Yay!

I have a thing about redoing my ottomans. My husband and I have built at least three for the house and they have all been recovered 2-3 times. I’ve started slip covering them that way if I ever want to go back I can! Here is the latest iteration.  (I will post instructions on how I did the slipcover later!)image

I fit in a run this morning with my running partner! image

My shopping consisted of mainly rummage sales but I got some good stuff and only spent $50! $40 of it was for this cute chair. I saw it yesterday at the community garage sale and didn’t buy it….I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I went back today and it was still there and $8 cheaper than yesterday! Fate!


So now I’m am sitting on the couch beside my girl


and enjoying one of my favorite fall beverages and watching Notre Dame Football with my hubby! Hope everyone has had a good Saturday!



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