Organization…it’s a journey!

I had grand plans of getting lots of things organized this weekend…but the only real thing I got organized was my dresser drawers. I am counting that as an accomplishment in itself. I dreaded putting laundry away. Each drawer was crammed full and putting anything away was challenge. Not to mention I really didn’t know what was in the bottom of those drawers. Needless to say that stuff wasn’t is what the drawers looked like before I started… 

Each drawer did have a category…sport socks, dark socks, sweaters, workout clothes, bathing suits and misc…

Of course the whole bedroom was a wreck during my purging process. I also had to shoo off DH several times, I didn’t need his 2 cents on all my stuff…ha!  I did have moral support from my girl, Krimley, and her elephant…

I think I have a tank top fetish đŸ˜³ how many does a girl need??

Here is the final product. Everything matched/folded neatly and I do have a few drawers with room to spare! I had a trash bag full of junk and lots of stuff to take to the consignment shop!

I probably could have purged more but like I said it’s a journey…next stop hall closet! Hope I can keep my motivation! 


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