Blanket Scarf…

So blanket scarves are all over this fall and I have bought two of them.

image image image

Mine aren’t the big square ones but they are about twice as wide as a normal scarf. Because of the width they were just too much and I felt like I was choking when I was wearing them.


So, with encouragement from fellow instagrammer @emptyneststyle, I decided cut mine in half…😳  Luckily the plaid had a stripe right down the middle so it was easy to cut straight down the center of the scarf.


After I had the scarf cut in half


I did a quick run through the sewing machine to keep it from fraying on the cut edge.


Now I have one for myself and one to give my daughter!

Don't you just love my bed 'ornament' 😉
Don’t you just love my bed ‘ornament’ 😉

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