Notre Dame…

Last weekend we took a little trip to see our friends in South Bend. Our daughter and her boyfriend tagged along because they had tickets to the Notre Dame football game. 🍀🏉


So we all went out to take in the pre-game festivities. The weather couldn’t have been better to walk around the beautiful campus.  Of course we had to pose for pics in front of the golden dome!


We took in some sites Mike and I had never been to before, such as the Basilica and the Grotto.


There are probably about 100,000 people on campus before the football games, so I still can’t believe we ran into my friend/co-worker Lindsay…what are the chances??


There is so much tradition that is part of the Notre Dame Football experience. One of the traditions is the Irish Guard. They lead the Band of the Fighting Irish thru campus and onto the football field before the game.   


And of course you can’t forget the leprechaun!🍀
Although this was a quick trip, any time we get to spend with our dear friends is special! We always leave anxious for the next chance we get to see each other! 😍


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