Christmas decorating in installments…

I have been trying to decorate  for Christmas all week…😳 Working full time has really been getting in the way ha! But I have accomplished to get my mantle… 

My entry way…


And my little black washstand finished… 

The tree is up and the lights are on but that’s as far as I have gotten…had good intentions of decorating it tonight but I spent too much time at Marshalls and Big Lots and was out of the mood by the time I got home and had supper… So I’ll have to get back to it tomorrow! I really want to get it finished this weekend because Monday is our annual Candy Day! It’s the day my cousin, sister-in-law, daughter and myself get together and make candy for Christmas gifts! It’s quite a production! My co-workers love it, they get all the rejects..ha! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening and happy decorating! 


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