DIY Christmas gifts…

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I usually try to make a few Christmas gifts for my close female friends and family. This year I decided to try my hand at making tassel necklaces. I’ve been seeing tassels on everything and all over the fashion blogs. I have been making jewelry for several years. I think with some basic beading/jewelry making skills you can make your own! I will walk you through the steps I do to make these necklaces!
I used either embroidery floss or leather cord (my pictures show the process with the embroidery floss but the process is essentially the same)


Remove label and open the floss but keep it in a big loop. 


I wrapped my floss around my hand three times. 


Then gather one end and begin wrapping with wire (I used 26 gauge) about ½ to ¾ of an inch from the top. Wrap it neatly around 6-8 times. You can also use metallic thread or twine to wrap your tassel.


With wire you’ll want to twist it to keep the wire stable then trim and tuck ends, if using thread or twine you’ll want to tie a knot, trim the ends and secure them with a bit of glue.

 Feed about 12” of wire through the loop at the top of the tassel and fold in half and twist 


Once you’ve twisted the base of the wire now you can be creative with your beads!


At the end of your beads you will want to use a crimp bead then feed the wire through a ring and back through your crimp bead and crimp it to secure then clip the excess wire.


Now cut the bottom end of the floss ‘loop’ 
Feed a long chain through your ring and admire your handiwork! I’m sure your friends will love their trendy gift specially since it was designed by you just for them!



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