Bucket list trip….

A couple weeks ago we got to take a quick trip to Key West! It's something we have always wanted to do but never took the plunge until this year. We went with our BFFs Clare and Earl and it was a blast from the start! We flew into Ft. Meyers and was able to … Continue reading Bucket list trip….

Organization…it’s a journey!

I had grand plans of getting lots of things organized this weekend...but the only real thing I got organized was my dresser drawers. I am counting that as an accomplishment in itself. I dreaded putting laundry away. Each drawer was crammed full and putting anything away was challenge. Not to mention I really didn't know … Continue reading Organization…it’s a journey!

It’s a New Year and a New Life for an Old Chair!

Here's another post I submitted to everythinghomemagazine.com! I found this old chair on a local FB garage sale site and I knew I could make it look good again!    I loved the detail it had, but it was in bad need of a refresh! I decided to re-do it and give it to my … Continue reading It’s a New Year and a New Life for an Old Chair!

Happy New Year tradition…cabbage rolls!

In keeping with the superstition of eating cabbage on New Years Day we make cabbage rolls. We usually double our recipe so we have extra to put in the freezer for later! Below is the recipe I've adapted from one I found on southernfood.about.com Cabbage Rolls 12-15 Cabbage Leaves Filling: 1 pound ground turkey or … Continue reading Happy New Year tradition…cabbage rolls!

Holiday Traditions…Christmas

Every year for the last six or seven ( we can't remember exactly when we started😳) my cousin, sister-in-law and myself have gotten together to make candy for Christmas gifts. The last three years my daughter has joined us also!   We have been doing it long enough now that we kind of have it down … Continue reading Holiday Traditions…Christmas

DIY Christmas gifts…

This is my article that was featured on everythinghomemagazine.com! I usually try to make a few Christmas gifts for my close female friends and family. This year I decided to try my hand at making tassel necklaces. I've been seeing tassels on everything and all over the fashion blogs. I have been making jewelry for … Continue reading DIY Christmas gifts…

Christmas decorating in installments…

I have been trying to decorate  for Christmas all week...😳 Working full time has really been getting in the way ha! But I have accomplished to get my mantle...  My entry way...   And my little black washstand finished...  The tree is up and the lights are on but that's as far as I have … Continue reading Christmas decorating in installments…